Client Referral Bonus Program

IPloy is pleased to introduce to you our Client Referral Bonus Program! We have proven time and again through experience that some of our successful clients emerged out of referrals to us by our vast network, employees and colleagues. We are expanding the Program outside our zones to the public, so that everyone can participate and earn hefty bonuses from IPloy!

We simplified the approach to ensure that many would participate and earn their bonus as soon as a contract is signed with your referral. Please read carefully the following steps when referring a client to us:

  • Complete a Client Referral Bonus Program form and submit.

  • Once your submitted form reached us, we will start communicating with your referral client. We hope that you have already introduced IPloy to your referral client so they will expect us already when we call.

  • Once your referral client signed up with us and hire a virtual, you will be reached by our representatives for your bonus fee. Please contact us for more information about bonus rates.

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Bloggers are also welcome to join. We will provide you with a kit, including a small banner with tracking code, that you can place into your blog or website. The tracking code embedded to your blog or website will notify us when an inquiry is made with IPloy.

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(Note: Please be advised that IPloy care so much about your privacy. Hence, any information you provide us will be treated with utmost confidentiality. Please read our Privacy Policy guidelines for more information on this. you