We believe that the same way we like our privacy protected, our customers and users who visit iPloy website are expecting us to give them a safe and secure browsing experience. You will see below our Privacy Policy and explanations how we use and process information about our website visitors.

As a duly-registered business, we are concerned about website traffic and usage. We use metrics and analytic tool to measure the reach and mileage and engagement of our website, which will somehow, inevitably perform some functions to ensure accurate and reliable measurement. In this end, we need to collect and store information of our visitors that visit our website but the same are used only for the purpose of monitoring and analyzing user behavior within the site. It is also our way of determining how parts of the website are used.

We would like to maintain, however, that we will not in any way collect and store any personally identifiable data. In fact our methodologies restrict our use of user data to result in such drastic privacy invasion. Neither will iPloy disclose nor use the personal information we collect about you when you visit the site to a third party outside iPloy without your consent.

When you request for information or make an inquiry about our business for partnership or outsourcing partnerships, we will immediately directly pass your information to the concerned business unit within iPloy.

In connection to your personal information submitted through our website, we believe that your agreeing or consenting to your personal information used will undergo the processing manner explained by iPloy.

For telephone conversations, we would like to inform you that we may record the activity for the purpose of giving you additional security, as well as resolve complaints and improve on our service standards. We’d also like to bring to you that for staff training purposes, we may monitor conversations for the same purpose.

In connection with email or SMS transactions or when you give us your email address or SMS contact information, we will hold a copy of it. With your consent, we hope to use our record of your contact information to occasionally send out information or announcements about other products and services which may interest you. But we will strongly hold to our commitment not to send away or give your email address or phone number to any unauthorized third parties.

To ensure the consent of your email is secure, we’d like to advice you to always use the contact form available at our IPloy site. Always remember that other way of sending emails to us may be insecure and could potentially be intercepted. For your protection also, please limit the amount of confidential information you include. On our part, we will do the same when we reply.

We use cookies within the pages of the site. But when we use them, we make sure that they are sessions-specific and expire once the user close the browser session. Cookies are relevant in holding the time a page is displayed. When users open another page, this time is compared with the current time and the timeout period to determine if the candidate must log in again.