Why iPloy Staffing Solutions?

Alongside our solid strategy and business model, we are a company armed with business commitment to serve and deliver on value and quality of our solutions with proven long-term advantages.

At the heart of our outsourcing business is accountability and responsibility to give our partners with the widest of outsourcing solution spectrum that will meet their business needs and business targets.

When you establish an outsourcing cooperation with us, we are conscious and aware of your expectations. We know that you want the best of everything, such as — cost reduction, high-value staff, significantly lower up-front costs associated with setting up a center, and more of the likes.

The core benefits that you can derive from working with us are —

  • Flexible customer-specific approach to dealing with our organization customer. This is made possible by having the available infrastructure required for your business.


  • Clearly defined outsourcing cooperation agreements, setup procedures and timeline, guided implementation of turnkey captive center.


  • Expert and practical knowledge of setting up an IT business in the Philippines, including legal and contractual issue dealings.


  • Deep grasp of cost and work load components associated with setting up and running an IT development center in the Philippines.


  • Hands-on experience in many forms of creative, IT, back-office and administrative functions, industry-standard methodologies, quality assurance practices that can be adapted to captive center-specific requirements.


  • Established and industry-standard HR management and practices


  • High level dependability and responsiveness to address your security, business continuity, and risk mitigation issues.


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