Our Hiring Process at iPloy Staffing

Today, companies in all sectors, whether startups or large organizations, are confronting the same problem: a shortage of talent. Having skilled, dedicated employees on board can be critical because they help to drive growth. The problem is: how do you identify, recruit and hire them?

To enable your organization to secure the services of world-class talent, iPloy Staffing has developed a unique set of hiring strategies. These practices include offering our people excellent compensation packages.

In order to determine the competitiveness of these packages, our Human Resources Department conducts an annual survey, in addition to offering an employee referral program that has been quite successful in finding talented candidates, and using local job search websites and advertising.

Below are the steps in the hiring process.

Among the strategies we employ to attract and retain competent and high-skill knowledge workers include offering competitive range of salaries for each position. We determine the competitiveness of our pay structure through a survey that our Human Resources Department annually conducts. We also maintain an employee referral program because our experience dictates through such effort we are able to discover exceptional talents. We also invest in finding the best talent through partnering with local job search and advertising through major broadsheets.

Now, here is how our hiring process go:

  • The client provides us with a job description and fills out a questionnaire, which asks them for information regarding the educational level, experience, skill sets and any other attributes they want to see in a candidate for the job.

  • We utilize a database of local talent and advertise through our local job search websites to begin our search.

  • When we have compiled a short list of candidates, we begin initial interview, asking our candidates to take a technical skills test. We share the results with our clients.

  • We set up a Skype interview with the candidates who have made the shortlist. The candidates answer questions focusing on their qualifications for the job. At this stage, there are no discussions regarding salary or benefit packages. .

  • The client chooses the candidate they prefer, which iPloy proceeds to hire.


  • iPloy puts together the new hire’s employment contract, and provides an employee orientation session regarding various aspects of the job and the organization.

  • The new hire begins work with the client.

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