We at iPloy Staffing offer a variety of expert outsourcing strategies, which include dedicated staffing and the shared agent solution, our “power of flexibility” program, and bucket hour and project-based solutions.

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How Does Hiring A Virtual Assistant Leads to Maximum Productivity

January 31st, 2016|1,658 Comments

One of the common reasons why entrepreneurs hire virtual assistant is to get more clients. Rarely or it is an often-neglected reason that businessmen outsource to get more works done faster. Thinking more deeply, [...]

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Our “Power of Flexibility” Program

A common problem confronting businesses today is the issue of employees and productive and non-productive hours. A business pays staff to work eight or nine hours a day, but it can’t be sure how much of that time was devoted to meaningful work. So it might be a good idea to pay employees for the hours of productive work only.