One of the common reasons why entrepreneurs hire virtual assistant is to get more clients. Rarely or it is an often-neglected reason that businessmen outsource to get more works done faster. Thinking more deeply, increased productivity means more clients, and more clients can lead to more profit.

Here’s why. When entrepreneurs have more time to focus on what’s important for the success of their business, there’s an even greater chance for their businesses to grow. Hence, hiring a virtual employee does increase your productivity. With this guide, we will help you determine the exact kind of tasks you should delegate to your virtual assistant for maximum productivity.

But before hiring a virtual assistant to help reach your sales target, remember that your business is made up of two major functions: your core and auxiliary. As well as keeping your business going these two functions – operations or tasks – help you overcome the challenges of running a business to survive.

Core Functions: These are functions that you ought not neglect plus it is where your involvement as the proprietor is badly needed. Most often, entrepreneurs work round the clock attending to these functions and gives the impression that they seem are accomplishing so many things.

From among many startups, it is common to find them having the following core functions: marketing, product or service creation, product development, and client follow-up. It’s noticeable no functions can simply be neglected or dismissed outright because of their contribution to the prospect of your business surviving the debacles of running a business.

Auxiliary Functions: Not only these functions drive business success, they’re also the ones that left unattended to could spell disaster to your startup and growing enterprise. In principle, auxiliary functions are inseparable to your core functions.

Some experts compare auxiliary functions to the body of a car that any businessman shouldn’t simply dismiss or the whole venture will fail miserably in terms of attractiveness.

For marketing, traditional marketing tactics no longer sticks that much. There must be new channels that marketers should seize to maximize reach and double your sales. Its auxiliary function could be social media management. Being inactive in either Facebook and Twitters is not an option for the busy entrepreneur.

In the area of product creation, it involves more than implementing the idea that you originally thought of, sketched or jotted down your journal. Research is vital as well as knowing if the market is ready for your product idea. While the auxiliary functions of product development (e.g., research) is related to product creation, there is a difference as this function requires customer feedback (e.g., emails, forums, Facebook page comments, etc.).

So it really is important to focus on the core functions of your business while getting the help of a virtual assistant to do the rest for you. Now, let’s proceed to the how-to part of delegating your non-core functions which prevent you from concentrating to the core areas of your business.

1. Start Work on Your Next Product/Service. As you may already know and have realized, creating products is not child’s play. As much as it’s exciting to bring out a product that solves problems, you should be careful about releasing something that has not been backed by solid research.

Take into account the market research data obtained by your virtual assistant from social networks and forums. To ensure that you and your virtual assistant are in the same page, create and share a real-time spreadsheet like Google Sheet with your VA and let her update it with information he or she obtained so it becomes easy for you to access data and collaborate.

2. Create A Product/Service That Will Wow Clients. Competition is tough and surviving the market forces entails that you have a product or service that your clients would find irresistible because of the quality and uniqueness. To avoid running out of clients, strive to bring new ways to improve your service or the quality of your product. One way to do so is by considering the feedback given by clients regarding what you have to offer to your market.

To make this possible, let your virtual assistant gain access to your spreadsheet via Google Drive. Through this, you can then give your virtual assistant the task of sorting the feedback and recommendations from your clients, in turn helping you hasten the process of pooling suggestions, feedbacks to improve your next product or service.

3. Write Blogs Using the Inputs By Your Virtual Assistant. You will write faster and write the right content your readers expect from you if you will tap the help of your virtual assistant. Research-based blogs are what readers feel matters or are important to them, especially if your blog responds or offer feasible solutions.

To maximize the help you can obtain from your virtual assistant, simply give him or her complete access to your blog so while you create the content, your VA can respond to comments.

By hiring a virtual assistant, you’d surely get a lot more productive when you focus on your business’ core side. Not only it is less stressful if you have outsourced the tasks to a competent and reliable virtual assistant, you also need not worry about getting your sales target doubled in due time. All you have to do is take action and make your outsourcing investment pay off.